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April 13, 2012
Rene LeMerle Get Closer To Your Customers With Google+
By Rene LeMerle
In the current dot-com era, the conventional laws of building customer relationships have changed and more and more businesses are turning towards social media sites to serve as a platform to connect with their customers. A Google+ Business Page is one such portal that serves as a convenient place for you to get interacting with your customers.

The Google+ Business Page is a compilation of tools and products that help you connect, network and know your customer better and the first step towards it is to sign up for a Google+ Business Page. For all those of you who have managed to get a Google+ Page up but haven't really managed to get it generating revenues, here are a few Google+ features that could help you make your page a powerful marketing tool and build your online business identity. Google + pages are about talking to the right people at the right time. Engage your customers in conversations that discuss your services/products in the form of posts, news updates about your business, customized group messages etc and ...

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